Welcome to Coach Seiji Says! This will be my platform to express my professional opinion on all things that can affect and influence your rock climbing performance. It will always be an opinion that has been forged by 20+ years of training professional and elite amateur athletes in several fields and ongoing scientific research, honed by my personal interest in climbing. Although I found professional success in coaching other sports, I have always stated that climbing made me who I am; the intangible personal rewards are deepest for me in rock climbing. Consider this blog a personal quest to help those around me reach their own climbing goals.

My first bit of advice goes out to the aging climber, which I am myself no matter what rationalizations I may employ. Power is a huge component in bouldering and the local sport climbing. Power training is also the most intense form of rock climbing specific training. As the years advance, your huger for power comes to a crossroads with aging physiology. This article I wrote for Training Beta poses evidence based strategies so you can continue to see the uptick in power as you become the Yoda of the cliffs. Read on and let’s let the learning begin! Thanks for tuning in.