OK gang,

One of the most highly contested arguments in the still young rock climbing training world is whether aerobic training helps or hurts performance. Some pursue aerobic activity for fully separate reasons: health, wellness, mental aspects, community and just the release that for some can only be attained through aerobic pursuits. But some are pursuing rock climbing performance as the solitary goal and for these single minded athletes, the general consensus is that aerobic activity is detrimental to climbing training and performance.

I fully agree if you are not trained in general to be able to absorb and recover from the higher daily/weekly/monthly workload that the aerobic activity adds to your training load. What if you are adapted, what if you are able to add running, cycling or another aerobic activity that can boost metabolism (aiding weight management), relieve stress, etc., can it still add to climbing performance or is it still a negative?

Here’s a link to an article I wrote that investigates this question, and the findings might be surprising for some. Remember, all this assumes that you have trained up to being able to absorb the added workload in a positive manner. Read on and think about it.